Icons of the Karoo – Roadside Aloes

During the hot dry summer the Karoo veld can be somewhat of a bleak affair, but during the winter it’s a different matter.  Aloes bloom in all their fiery glory decorating the landscape like Christmas lights.  Aloes, like proteas, are often found in the most unlikely and inhospitable places, growing in hot temperature and low rainfall areas and not needing the delicate hands of somebody with green fingers to nurture it.  One of natures natural wonders.

The post is part of the Icons of the Karoo series including Quintessential Karoo,  Farm Gate and Sweet Thorn Sunset.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Glad I get to see these blooms here as I never see them during your summer when I visit.

  2. These are such an essential part of our landscape in winter as they bring warmth and colour to an otherwise brown veld.