Horse Memorial

The Horse Memorial on the corner of Rink Street and Russel Road was erected in remembrance of the horses and mules that suffered and died during the Anglo Boer War which was fought between 1899 and 1902. Although the war didn’t really play of in close proximity to the town, most of the British forces and their horses entered the country through Algoa Bay. The locals were very aware of the circumstances the horses were under on the ships as well as what they went through in the war. This lead to the monument being put up. Well over 100 000 horses died during the war.

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GPS: 33°57’43.98″S, 25°36’33.93″E

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  1. brattcat

    What a touching memorial.

  2. Jacob

    How wonderful. Great composition, and it is great to know that the horses were recognized for the important role they played.

  3. Jeanne

    As a kid growing up in PE I always thought it was pretty boring to have a memorial to horses – but these days I am so proud that my hometown is host to such an unusual tribute, particularly as it is such a touching tableau.

  4. Leif Hagen

    Firefly – quit horsing around! Handsome photo! I love sculptures!

  5. Dot

    Hi Firefly,This is really a beautiful inscription and the statue is so fitting. Says alot about your people.

  6. Hilda

    I love the inscription! The statue is lovely especially against your beautiful blue skies.

  7. Leif Hagen

    How did that horse get up there??

  8. Gaelyn

    Wow, that's a lot of lost horses. I'm sure many people died also. Nice angle against the sky Jonker.

  9. Steffi

    Really nice photo!The blue sky looks great!

  10. Rajesh

    Beautiful shot of very lovely memorial.

  11. eileeninmd

    Wonderful angle of the memorial and the sky. Great image!

  12. I'm always proud to say I come from a city that had the compassion to put up a memorial like this.

  13. Steffe

    A fine memorial.

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