Happy Birthday to me

Last year on my birthday I went down to the beachfront and took a self portrait of myself for birthday sake, so at lunchtime I headed down to Shark Rock Pier to do it again. This time I had nothing to do a reflection or mirror shot in, so I just did the whole “hold the camera up with both hands and smile while taking the picture into the general direction of my face” photo thing. A guy was standing on the pier staring at me with a puzzled look on his face, but I thought what the hell… its my birthday.

Oh yes, and moments later I could have been wet. My timing was just right. The lesson may well have been: “Don’t turn your back on the ocean when trying to take birthday self portraits!”

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  1. leilani

    FIRE LOL… Happy Birthday! p.s. i once took a picture of myself underwater, same scenerio, you should of seen the fish looking at me. I think i was givin off distress signals !! LOLOL again Happy Bday, thank you for the gifts you give the rest of us all year long !

  2. ruma2008

    Hello. Happy Birthday! I pray that there is a much more splendid photograph beautiful every day.

  3. Tami

    Happy Birthday!!!!I hope all your birthday wishes come true and that you have your best year yet!

  4. Gaelyn

    What a whole different image you'd have had in just a matter of moments. Happy Birthday!

  5. Avril

    Happy Birthday for yesterday!! Great birthday photo!! Shame .. you had no-one else to take your photo – why didn't you get the guy on pier to do it for you?

  6. Janet

    Happy, happy Birthday – I do hope it will be a year filled with happiness and great photo shots – I have no doubt it will be! Trying to imagine the photo had your timing not been so good!! LOL! Have a great week-end!

  7. Jeanette

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday 🙂 Love the selfportrait, they're so difficult to get right

  8. Marka

    Happy Birthday! I'll second the lesson, as turning one's back on nature tends to not always be the best decision one could have made. But hey, it was your birthday.

  9. Margaret

    A belated Happy Birthday.The photo actually came out quite well. I must get the rest of my Australia photos on my blog. I'll be leaving soon by ship, Boston to Buenos Aires. (Back to one of my favorites, South America.)Margaret