Ginger biscuits

I have been so busy over the last four days accompanying a film crew shooting the city profiles for the FIFA 2010 World Cup that I haven’t had much time to do the blogging thing. Thank goodness for forward posting. I wanted to get back into it tonight, but only got home at nearly 10h30 pm, so I’m just grabbing a “in case I don’t have time for a proper post” picture. In this case a couple of bags of ginger biscuits from one of the local farmers’ markets. The up side of getting up at 4 am and home late over the last couple of days is that I got some awesome pictures. Watch this space.

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  1. Gaelyn

    I want one of those ginger biscuits.

  2. Janine

    looking forward to the pics :o)

  3. Janine

    looking forward to the pics :o)