Gariep Dam Sunrise

With the sun rising just after 05:00 am, I didn’t think that I will be able to get up early enough to get a decent sunrise pic over the Gariep Dam while on holiday. But luck (if you can call it that)was on my side. One night we had a couple with three small kids camping next to us in their tent. The baby cried just about the whole night and waking up for the upteenth time I relised that if I rushed up to the lookout, that I would be able to catch the sun rising over the dam. I wasn’t disappointed.

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  1. Tami

    What a lovely sunrise!

  2. Marcelle

    Gosh I could feel the excitment in my heart as I read your entry and saw the photo’s.Its the most beautiful sight ever – how often do we get to watch a sunrise…we see the sunset, but sunrises!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the visit to my blog and all the comments.Yes its hard living so far away from my family…I have no idea how I’m going to manage from May this year when my SA friends leave Germany – its been wonderful having them and I so wish I had made more of the time we had together…I will be a regular…have you on my feedroll so know when you update.

  3. that girl

    I love the second shot…the rays of the sun are simply beautiful.

  4. Jenty

    Oh how beautiful! I absolutely love the first shot!

  5. Avril

    Ah beautiful!!! I love sunrises! Also took some through dirty windscreen of whizzing car around Hex River Valley – homeward bound from Hermanus

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for visit…;)Last year we had no snow during winter time, this year we got so much, so cant really say for how long it snows here, each year has been a surprise!!This winter its been much colder than last winter as well….I love Koln…such a beautiful city. We live about an hours drive from Frankfurt.Germany to me looks the most beautiful in spring and summer…but then saying that autumn has its own beauty…winter without snow is not very pretty.I head off to Cape Town end Feb, for two whole months, I cant wait.Life in Germany is good, I do think if I had my family with me it would be so much easier!

  7. Janet

    Oh wow! What I would give to be able to see one of those … now! Don’t see sunrises from our house – too many trees and shrubs! Guess I’ll have to wait for our next holiday!

  8. Lindy

    Great way to turn a negative into a positive!! I’m sooo not a morning person that the only way I would be able to get such fantastic sunrise photos is if I stayed up all night!

  9. Anonymous

    Hello Firefly.You have captured great moments, because all sunrises are different, well, my congratulations.I hope that this new year brings good things to everywone.All the best, see you soon José Filipe 7-1-2009