Gardens at the Cascades Hotel

The gardens behind the Cascades Hotel at Sun City is absolutely awesome. Not gardens in the traditional sense, but a man made forest garden with streams, ponds and waterfalls. At the bottom of the garden there is a small lake with an aviary next to it, so there are bird sounds all the time. Everything is super green as there are so much water around.
On the walk through the gardens visitors will come across several more secluded paths as well as a suspension bridge.

The cascading streams and waterfalls make for some wonderful photo opportunities. Personally I love the sound of water running, so it is great that you can open your hotel room’s windows and get the sound of water coming into your room.

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  1. Carol

    This is Fantastic~ I wish I could be there right now..Beautiful photography!

  2. Janet

    Oh it is a beautiful place! I was meant to go with some friends in April, but it’s 21st birthday time so I had to decline! The gardens are so pretty!Hope you had a good time!

  3. Avril

    Ah .. nice !!!! Can almost hear that waterfall and smell the moist tropical air!Thanks for your kind words – don’t mean to pour the lil old heart out but sometimes it helps. LOL’s at your Irish saying!!

  4. Karin

    These pictures are beautiful – you’d never guess that you were in a man-made forest!

  5. Steffi

    Great place of nature!Very beautiful pics!