Follow the leader

A breeding herd (or family group) of elephants led by the matriarch on their way to the Hapoor Waterhole in the Addo Elephant National Park

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  1. Leif Hagen

    Um, my commute to work this morning looked A LOT different than this!

  2. Gaelyn

    This is an Awesome shot Jonker! It is so impressive to see a herd of elephants like this. I only saw a few bulls when in Addo, but at Kruger the herds were more plentiful. Excellent!

  3. Nieves

    Funny and nice photo! You nave very nice photographs on your blog, I'll revisit it!

  4. Steffe

    And probably a less stressful traffic jam!

  5. Such a great photo – looks like the cars are just strage-shaped blue elephants at the back of the herd!