Flowering Spekboom in Addo

I like pizza… and braaivleis…  and burgers… and… and… and…   Elephants like a whole bunch of things as well.  One of those things is Spekboom (Portulacaria afra).  Spekboom, also called the elephant bush, forms part of the Subtropical Thicket biome and is prevalent in the Addo Elephant National Park.  In actual fact its one of the reasons why Addo has such a good elephant carrying capacity as the Spekboom is a succulent and also supplements their water intake.  Although the Spekboom normally flowers in late Spring the flowers are specifically noticeable after good Spring rains.  Something we had lots of this year.  Right now Addo is stunning with lots of green and yellow, but its the pink Spekboom flowers that stood out for me on my last visit.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Beautiful. I really need to see a spring in SA.