First day in big school

Today was Chaos Boy’s first day in big school. Just for the foreign readers of the blog, in South Africa kids go to Grade 1 in the year they turn seven.

He was up early and, as with any child going to school for the first time, very keen to get ready.

Here he is in his school uniform at school.

The other big news of the day is that I got my first picture published. Ok, so I didn’t get paid for it. It was something we did as friends and my wife called up the daily newspaper, The Herald, to see if they would publish the pic and the little piece I wrote along with it. So you are wondering what it is all about. When we went for ante-natal classes, the lady presenting it encouraged the moms to form a Baby Club for everybody to get together every now and then for tea (and many birthday parties very close to each other) to share experiences, seek each other’s advice and just to make new friends. The Baby Club started out with 14 moms (and some dads) and kids. Over the years some have moved away while others have faded. Now we have 7 families left and we decided to get them together for a photo shoot in their school clothes. The seven are going to six different schools, so it was quite cute to see them in their uniforms.

This is the original photo.

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  1. Ann

    Well done you !! its a weird day when they first start school…I have to say I howled, crying with each of them, I was probably more nervous than they were …lol, its great to see your work published paid or not, its a great moment, very well done. :0)

  2. Lindy

    look at you getting published!! Congrats to Chaos Boy on his first day of big school!

  3. Avril

    That’s a great group photo – and well done for getting published! Also lovely idea to keep in touch .. hope it lasts right through his years – would be lovely to see them all off to high school, university etc! And – he does look so smart in his new uniform – good luck to Dylan at big school!

  4. Karin

    Well done!!!! It’s awesome that you got published! Chaos Boy looks really cute in his uniform, I hope he had a good first day. I am already feeling all emotional when I think that my son will be starting “big” school next year…

  5. Marcelle

    I’m so chuffed for you…how amazing is that – who cares about being paid, its about seeing your photo somewhere besides on your computer…I came 2nd in one of those Facebooks competitions, nothing anyone can say can take that excitement away from me…so hey * well done *I remember the first day my kids went to school as if it were yesterday…also have the photo’s – back then I had one of those film camera’s and just held it up and clicked…*giggle*Your boy looks so smart in his uniform…what a proud Daddy you must be at this time.

  6. Janet

    What a smart boy! Hope he had fun and that he is happy in his class! Good job on getting your picture published and I agree – how divine to keep in touch all these years. Imagine their 21st? Lots of stories to tell!!

  7. Anonymous

    Congratulations on the publication.

  8. Jenty

    Well done with the publication!! That’s a lovely photo.

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