Features around the Palace

The Palace at the Lost City is surrounded by a lot of different features, all of which ads to the theme and atmosphere.

The Palace is set is a man made forest with lots of streams, waterfalls and cascades. Just below the swimming pools in the forest is a suspended rope bride over beautiful cascades.

At the bottom of the gardens just above the Valley of the Waves is the pool deck overlooking the wave pool. On the deck level there is yet another swimming pool surrounded by “ruins” and an amphitheatre.

Right in front of the main entrance to the Palace hotel is a fountain with bronze sculptures of two cheetah chasing some impala. It depicts an action scene and is extremely well done.

In one of the courtyard of the Palace stands the life size bronze sculpture of a bull elephant. It is an absolutely awesome sculpture. Unfortunately there was nobody around when I was in the courtyard to get a photo that shows the scale of it.

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  1. Avril

    Those are really good photos! I particularly like the first one!

  2. Karin

    I also love the first shot, great angle! It really is an awesome place for photographs, so many interesting things to see!

  3. Janet

    A little piece of paradise. Beautiful photographs!

  4. Jo

    That bronze statue of the elephant is exquisite, exquisite, exquisite!

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