Ensuring the survival of the species

I noticed that this is my 100th post. I didn’t realise that I’ve done so many. So how do I celebrate my “blog century”. I went scratching around my photo stock and decided to post a one in a hundred (or probably more one in a hundred thousand) photo.

This pic was taken in the Addo Elephant National Park. They released lions into Addo about 6 years ago and at first people struggled to even find them. Since then the lions have settled in very nicely and more and more people spot them. On this day we found this male and female next to the road near one of the waterholes. The male just casually got up, ambled over to the female and presented us with that special moment that not a lot of people actual get to see in real life in the wild. Apparently when the female is in heat, the male is capable of mating with her every 20 minutes. That takes some doing… uhm…. I mean yes, very average. I will still do a post on lions to give more information on their habits and way of life. I’m just a bit lazy tonight.

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  1. Jo

    Quite an interesting post for you 100th post. Let’s see … if you post every 20 minutes for the next 100 posts …Gosh, it must be fabulous seeing lions in the wild. Lions are my favorite animal. They are just magnificent. I have only ever seen then in captivity.I loved your post about the frogs too. The little painted frog is very intersting!

  2. Faye Pekas

    This is, indeed, a sight you don’t see often. I’ve got a few shots of animals mating but haven’t been brave enough to post them. Congrats on your 100th post!

  3. sam

    you lucky dog! We have tried so hard to see the lions, even just lying there holding hands would do, hehe, but not a glimpse!

  4. Firefly

    Jo – There is nothing like see these (and for that case any) animals in the wild. There is a edge to them that they loose in captivity.Faye – I’ve also done a post on grasshoppers so time ago where I had a pic of two doing the “wild monkey dance”. Have a go, why not? That is posting on it not actually …Sam – I know how lucky I was getting to see it. They did skip the whole holding hands bit though. As far a a link goes, I don’t get your explanation. You only posted a link.