Drakensberg Amphitheater views

South Africa has two iconic “flat” mountains.  Table Mountain in the west and the Drakensberg’s Amphitheater in the east.  It is below the Amphitheater in the Royal Natal National Park that we camped at Mahai during December and like with Table Mountain I just could not get enough of looking up at the Amphitheater.  Well truthfully, not just the Amphitheater but all the mountains around us, but that’s what you do when you live in a city by the coast.  Today I just want to share four pictures I took of the Amphitheater with you.  The first was taken from the dam next to the Royal Natal National Park reception area.

Take from the road into the park

The Tugela River

The Tugela River again

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  1. Gaelyn

    I loved hiking there.

  2. Rhodesia

    Stunning photos and I love that first one with the reflections. Have a good weekend Diane

  3. Nat

    Absolutely beautiful photos! I've just recently returned from the region myself – such an awe-inspiring place!

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