Donkin Street Houses

The Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism head office recently moved from their old premises in South End to new offices in the Donkin Street Houses.  The newly renovated Donkin Street Houses form part of the Donkin Village precinct which includes the city blocks of Donkin Hill, Constitution Hill and Victoria Street. This post isn’t intended to start yet another discussion on how the restoration was done and how the houses doesn’t look like they historically did.  Regardless of all this, the houses are finally looking presentable again and once all the work on the rest of the precinct is completed it will really add a lot of value to inner-city rejuvenation in Port Elizabeth. 

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  1. Caroline

    I hope so too – they do look elegant and I am sure inside is all good wood and high ceilings.

  2. Hayley

    Oh no…I used to love, love, love these homes. Are there plans to get them 'back' ?

  3. Jim

    Good shot.

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