Donkin Reserve view

The view from the Donkin Reserve looking towards the Port Elizabeth harbour. The building in the left bottom is the Opera House. There are three towers visible. From left to right they are the City Hall, the Old Post Office and St Augustine’s Catholic Cathedral. The building with the little pointy bits along its edge is Plein Huis.

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  1. photography.rmb

    That’s an awesome view!! A nice clear PE day…

  2. Hilda

    Looks like a very busy city and port! I like the three towers, especially since their architecture is so different from each other yet equally ornate.

  3. Gauteng

    Nice shot Fly, PE is a silent beauty. Will the statue of Freedom allow one to have the best view of the photo once it’s in place or will it be enclosed so that one can concentrate on the the statue itself?

  4. Marcelle

    what a stunning blog….I am so pleased to be online now so I can see how beautiful Port Elizabeth is…

  5. Firefly

    Gauteng, if the statue is built, and that is probably an if, it will be down on the edge of the harbour wall and should have some awesome views in that area.

  6. Anonymous

    Beautiful shot, giving you a great impression of the diversity of the city’s architectural heritage. What a lovely day too!

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