Donkey cart rides at Kloof Padstal

As you drive into the town of Montagu from the Cogmans Kloof side, the first building on the left is the Kloof Farm Stall.  After our arrival in town we stopped by there to have a look and saw a brochure on the wall advertising donkey cart rides starting at the farm stall.  Unfortunately the driver was ill that day and they cart weren’t going.  We returned the next day and still nothing.  We started preparing the kidz for the disappointment of not being able to go while we were in town, but decided to return again the next day.  It was third time lucky. *Phew*

The ride took us through town and past some of the historic landmarks like Joubert House and the Dutch Reformed Church.  Although the driver isn’t a tour guide, he still told us all about what we were seeing plus its always nive chatting to locals.  Every now and then the donkeys, named Whiskey and Soda, stopped and had to be encouraged to get going again.  Makes you understand where the saying “As stubborn as a donkey” comes from.

The second part of the trip took us along a dirt road and we crossed a stream a couple of times.  The next day on my way back from the shop I passed Whiskey and Soda along the road and decided to go ahead to one of those river crossings and wait for them.  A trip like this really makes you take in the scenery so much more than you do driving in a car and is the ideal way to really explore a small town better.

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  1. Gaelyn

    A great way to tour. Well, maybe not full time.

  2. Avril

    This is lovely and so unique !