Dolphins at uShaka

I write this post with apologies to Naialani the Island Girl who likes to swim with her wild dolphins in Hawaii. Since the dolphins here in Bayworld in Port Elizabeth moved to Hong Kong a year ago, the only place in South Africa where you can view a dolphin presentation in captivity is at uShaka Marine World in Durban. As much as dolphins should be free out in the big blue sea, dolphins in captivity does play a big role in educating and informing people, and in particular kids, about these wonderful mammals. Please, before anybody has a go at me for advocating keeping dolphins in captivity, I’m not. I would much rather be swimming with them in the wild like Naialani does.
One of the main features at uShaka Marine World is the Phantom Ship which includes the main aquarium viewing areas as well as a couple of restaurants.

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  1. Avril

    It's a beautiful place isn't it?Thanks for the info (I read all that when I went to the 'help line' and saw that I had used up all my quota) I don't reduce the size of my photos (don't know how to 🙂 )! Anyway, what's done is done – maybe I will just start another blog but that means I have to change my 'name/title' don't I? I will first of all sit and see how this 'wordpress' goes as J thinks I should do that anyway (and so does Elaine)they both say it's easier. My son changed to WordPress. Need to sort it out … how can I possibly blog without photos 🙂 !! Seeing your renovations – you are doing a lot!! Will be lovely when finished! Will make all the dust and inconvenience worth it!

  2. I have not been there yet Jonker but then I so seldom get to Durban.All captive breeding programs have their place I think as long as they are treated properly.That pic of the jumping dolphin is stunning. Great timing there.

  3. Gaelyn

    Yes, I too have problems with captive animals yet do agree they can be used for educational purposes. I'd love to swim with the dolphins out in the wild ocean.Nice capture of the dolphins jumping and the old ship looks very cool.

  4. Perry

    Agree with above, but we do need to educate too. This is a great pair of dolphins and perfectly captured!

  5. leilani

    Fire I am humbled! Thank you for your kind consideration! You know Fire, the FIRST dolphin i ever met was a captive dolphin. I am forever grateful to this wonderful creature for awakening a life long passion in me ! =0D That picture of the dolphins is magnificent!

  6. Anonymous

    Im sorry i disagree with you,it is evil to keep dolphins in tanks!although u may treat them kindly u are supporting the trafficking of dolphins in places like guatamala and tiji!if you want to educate children dont take them to ushaka,rather let them watch The Cove..we are free to live our lives fully!who are we to make that choice for these dolphins?