Did you know there is a nature reserve and hiking trail at NMMU?

I went for an early morning walk along the Grysbok Trail in the NMMU Nature Reserve with Drama Princess last weekend and this was the view back towards the campus and university buildings from the reserve. 
The university campus was declared a private nature reserve in 1983.  The reserve covers 830 ha and is dominated by the St Francis Dune Thicket vegetation characterised by clumps of thicket occurring within a matrix of Dune Fynbos.  The Grysbok Trail itself was established in 1995 and is intended to be an environmental education and recreation resource for the University as well as the broader general community.  The trail offers various distance options ranging from a short 2,5 km loop to longer loops and covers a relatively flat terrain.  The public is welcome to walk the trail privately as long as they sign the Visitors’ Book. 
To get to the trail is very easy.  Drive into the main campus through the booms and keep straight past the main buildings.  The road curves to the right if you keep going will end in the parking area where the trail starts.  Best of all, if you are a Geocacher you will find nearly 30 caches on the trail.  Now that is a bit of a bonus and the reason I discovered the trail.