This stunning old building on the corner of Cape Road and Eastbourne Road has been a familiar PE landmark for many years. Until fairly recently, it was a guesthouse called Richly House, and a whole row of houses along Cape Road were bought up and painted the same colour as part of the complex. Then this lovely old double story was converted into an Irish Restaurant, but sadly it seems too much was spent on the conversion, and it did not last long. So it got yet another coat of paint, and is now Dagwoods. It is cool sitting on the balcony, chilling over a good meal, and watching the world go by!

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  1. Jeanne

    I rememebr that building since I was tiny – it really is a PE landmark. Glad to see it has had a makeover rather than being knocked down to build townouses or something ghastly!!

  2. Tint~

    Hm… I remember this building, but the Dagwoods I remember was a cafe on Rink Street… near the St George’s Park end. Is my memory failing me? It was owned by a Greek guy. My brother was frequently in trouble for playing on the pinball machines in there in his school uniform.