Cricket’s Duckpond

Cricket fans the world over would be familiar with St Georges Park in Port Elizabeth, the oldest test stadium in South Africa.  Those same cricket fans would have watched or listened to commentary about games at the stadium and heard the commentators refer to the two ends as the Duck Pond and Park Drive Ends.  These days people would think that the Duck Pond End refers to the Duck Pond Pavilion that is on that side of the field, but do they know where the pavilion and the end got its name from?  Well right behind the pavilion is the duck pond which gave its name to the massive structure looming over it.  There aren’t ducks in it anymore but back in the days there were and one of the commentators just impromptu starting referring to that side of the field as the Duck Pond End.  A name that stuck.

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  1. Lu-Gerda

    This is very interesting. I have wondered why it is called Duck Pond End.