Coca Cola Crate Man

Standing out (like a sore thumb) on quayside at the V&A Waterfront is Elliot the Coca-Cola crate man.

Elliot was built from 4200 (another website said 2500, so I’m not too sure) used crates for the FIFA World Cup as Coca-Cola was one of the main sponsors. It stands 18 meters high and weighs in the region of 25 tons. It was one of two built for the event with the other one being in Newtown in Johannesburg.

If I can give my personal opinion, I feel now that the World Cup is over Elliot should go. It looks very out of place on the V&A Waterfront and actually spoils the view looking across the harbour to the mountain from Nobel Square. Perhaps relocate him to the parking area at the Cape Town Stadium. But maybe that’s just me.

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  1. Marcelle

    Be gone cola crate man….be gone!!!!* giggle *

  2. Jo

    Omigoodness, Cape Town looks exactly like Vancouver…!And yes, Coca Cola crate man needs to go.

  3. Gaelyn

    Someone will call it a historic landmark in the future. But I'm with you, now that the party's over, time to go.

  4. Perry

    Jive it the boot! (Gaelyn is right though, one day it may be a historic monument. That's sad.)