This is the time of year that Clivias are in full flower.  The Clivia (pronounced Clee-via) is a flower that is indigenous to Southern Africa where they grow wild in forested woodland areas.  The Clivia plants are all members of the Amaryllidaceae family.
The plant’s flowers are carried in clusters on stout stems and range in colour from yellows to rich oranges and shades of deep red.  The leaves are strap shaped, fleshy and even when not in flower the foliage provides excellent dark green cover.

Clivias are prized for their ability to grow and flower in shade and is the ideal plant for massed planting under trees or in shady areas. They are extremely hardy and drought-resistant but do not thrive in direct sunlight or frost areas.


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  1. Gaelyn

    They are beautiful. I'd love to come upon them in a forest.

  2. leilani

    Just magic!~ the forest, fairies and these beautiful flowers! wow!

  3. Marka

    The background you provide on your photographs is always relevant and interesting. Great flower photos!

  4. They are stunning Jonker. I just bought someone a pale yellow one with light green lines in the petals.

  5. Zane

    I have a clivia or two at home. I do remember that the clivia attracted large brown worms (ok more than 20 years ago) – wonder if the clivia experts know what type of worm it may be (and what the worm / larva becomes) – moth / butterfly.