Clifton Beach

The beach in Cape Town to be seen at during summer is Clifton Beach. But covered in bronzed bodies with skimpy bathing suites and designer sunglasses it wasn’t when I stopped by last week on my visit to Cape Town. It was a bit too chilly for that. But summer is around the corner and I am sure there are a few out there in the mids of strict diets and gym sessions to get their “see and be seen” bodies into summer shape.

Clifton Beach consist of 4 coves and the beaches are called 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The coves are divided and littered with big boulders which make for great tanning spots out of the wind. In actual fact, when Cape Town’s notorious summer south-easter blows, the Clifton beaches are usually well sheltered and over populated.

The Clifton properties overlooking Clifton Beach and the Atlantic Ocean are much sought after and way beyond the financial reach of the everyday person like me, but it stays one of the most stunning coastlines and settings in the world. The properties in the background are all against the lower slopes of Lion’s Head and you will fork out anything from 5 million rand for a two bedroom apartment up to R20 – 40 million for a house. $1 = R7 and 1 British Pound = R11

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  1. Avril

    Beautiful! I have only seen those beaches from the road above. Stunning photos of Table Mountain in previous post!! You must have dashed around taking photos as well stand in queues and wait .. and wait .. !!

  2. Gaelyn

    Sounds like a likely place for B&Bs. I didn't really go “into” Cape Town and stayed near Simons Town instead. The only hang outs at that beach was the penguins. 😉