Campanile view – Looking north along the Settlers Freeway

There are four viewing windows at the top of the Campanile.  The new full-length viewing window looks out to the east over the Port Elizabeth Harbour.  The view south is towards the beachfront, west across the city centre towards the Donkin Reserve and then north along the Settlers Freeway.  Looking at the picture the Settlers Freeway (M4) is on the left and the railway lines on the right.  The roof at the bottom of the picture is the Port Elizabeth Station building.  Into the distance Algoa Bay is on the right-hand side and the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is the white building roughly in the middle of the picture while the mountains on the horizon are the mountains beyond Uitenhage.

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  1. Owen

    So pleased you are posting again, Jonker. Thank you for this wonderful photo. It brings back so many memories to me sitting here in faraway Texas and looking directly at my birthplace a finger-width immediately to the left of the NMB Stadium which is planted firmly over the paths I walked in Prince Alfred’s Park each school day in the 1950s to get to Sydenham Primary.

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