Campanile #2

After climbing the 204 steps to the top of the Campanile, aside from being out of breath, you get a great 360 degree view of the city.
This is the Westerly view, looking towards the Donkin Reserve. Prominent Port Elizabeth landmarks, from the left are: the Edward Hotel; the lighthouse, which is no longer in use; the memorial to Elizabeth Donkin (after whom Port Elizabeth is named), wife of Sir Rufane Donkin, who administered the then colony from 1820 to 1821; the spire of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church and alongside it the original Grey Institute building, which has been beautifully restored.

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  1. Tint~

    I love this photo! We have had a wonderful time picking out buildings… who lived where and what we did there 🙂 What a unique view of Central and the Donkin! PS. I was looking for an e-mail address to invite you to put your blog on VerveEarth. Do look into it. My VerveEarth is here. It is a great way for your blog to be found by location on the map. PE doesn’t have much of a representation there right now.

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