Boats and bad service

Fishing boats viewed from the deck at the Oyster Catcher Restaurant at the Port Elizabeth harbour.
As far as restaurants go, the Oyster Catcher has a great ambience, which is unfortunately spoilt by poor service. As a customer one does not expect to be kept waiting for an interminable period before being served, then when your food finally arrives and the hunger pains are gnawing at your innards, having to wait for the cutlery, which the waitress painstakingly wraps in a serviette. The wait is extended while she pauses to chat to her collegues and the food gets cold and congeals on the plate. No one seemed to have any interest in removing the glasses and bottles that accumulated in vast numbers on the table. As most of our group were finishing their meal, the last person received his food.

But for good company and a good view I may not have stayed as long as I did.

Com’n Oyster Catcher you can do better than that.

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  1. Firefly

    I like the lineup of the boats. Looks like they are waiting for somebody to let them loose.I haven’t been to the Oystercatcher for a while. The last seafood place I went to was Blackbeards and I was very happy with the food and service there. Although its not really a kiddies restaurant they were also very accommodating and patient with our kids.

  2. babooshka

    I echo everthing you have said here about so many places round my way. I hope that someone there reads this and takes note. Love the shot.

  3. Jeanne

    Stunning shot – you shoudl sell that as a poster. And could not agree with you more – haven’t been to the Oystercatcher for a couple of years now but the lasting impression of our last visit was one of poor service. They are lucky they have a great location and good food!!

  4. McJeff

    Totally agree, we only go for the sushi underneath now. Service really crap, like too many other PE places.

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