Biltong vendor

One of the most popular vendor stalls at the stadium during a rugby game is the biltong vendor.  For those non-South Africans amongst you who don’t know what biltong is, its dried meat and in the USA they call it jerky.  The guy in the picture is my Boet. He knows the owner of the stand who asked him if he would help her out at the game.  I stood there chatting to him for a while and was amazed at the amount of biltong they sold before the game and at half time.

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  1. Caroline

    Fantastic, fun SA scene. I think I would have snaffled some up if I had been your boet.

  2. Gaelyn

    I liked the biltong better than our jerky. Seems it was usually made of wild meat.

  3. ben wideman

    Agreed. SA biltong is WAY better than US jerky. The variety of animals and flavors is far superior in SA. I miss it a lot.