Bikini bottoms

The Red Hartebeest is usually found in grasslands and savanna in the drier central parts of South Africa. They are grazers which means that you would find them in the open grazing on grass, although they are known to browse as well when grass is in short supply. The Red Hartebeest is said to be the second fastest antelope in Africa after the Tsessebe.
The name Red Hartebeest comes from the fact the
Red: They are reddish in colour;
Harte: When you look at them straight on from the front, their horns form the shape of a heart; and
Beest: Either from the fact that they are beasts or because they graze like cattle and in Afrikaans (or Dutch) a cow is a bees.

Now why call the post Bikini Bottoms? Well that is what the game rangers like to call them. When they walk away from you and you look carefully, it looks like they all have white bikini bottoms on.

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  1. Gaelyn

    What a very majestic animal. Cute post title. Should get some attention.

  2. leilani

    LOLOL I see that! BEAUTIFUL animal! those HORNS!!! wow! love this!