Beading hands

Beaded curios

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  1. Karin

    Love the second shot – beautiful colours and very interesting angle.

  2. Ann

    How beautiful, so inticate, love the hands shot and the colourful beads are superb so crisp and clear. Excellent shots :0)

  3. Anonymous

    Their beading is amazing and very colourful and we don’t stop to admire them often enough.

  4. Suzi-k

    These ladies are so talented and enterprising. That hands picture is great…. hands that work so patiently and creatively and hard to feed the family.

  5. Janet

    Stunning colours! I can just see those hands working away furiously. Nice one Firefly!

  6. Marcelle

    Such talent these women have…They know how to work with bright colors…Whenever I go home I always am tempted to buy the touristy stuff, have to stop myself!! *giggle*

  7. Ordinarylife

    They are so talented! Such intricate work, I don’t know how they get their fingers to do it.

  8. Jeanne

    I love our local beadwork with a passion – my house and jewellery box here in London is FULL of it! The men and women who make and sell these treasures by the roadside never cease to amaze me – that you can make something so beautiful from so little… My favourite is the guy selling beadwork outside Servistar in 8th Ave Walmer.