Angler and Antelope Guest House

A weekend or two ago we spent the weekend in Somerset East at the guest house of a friend. The Angler and Antelope is situated in the heart of this quaint Karoo town and is truly worthy of its 4 star status. The property consist of a seven room guesthouse as well as a self catering unit called Fisherman’s Cottage. A unique feature on the property is the St Francis Culinary Centre which acts as the guest house’s lounge, dining room, pub and kitchen. The centre is situated in Somerset East’s first Roman Catholic Church which was built in 1906 and serves wholesome country cooking like Karoo lamb and freshly caught trout.
Each of the bedrooms were individually decorated in a tastefully yet practical way by owners Alan and Annabelle Hobson. The rooms are all fitted with air conditioning for the hot summers and are kitted with goosedown duvets and pillows along with mohair blankets for the chilly winters.

The old presbytery has been converted into the self-catering Fisherman’s Cottage. The cottage can sleep 6 people in it’s three bedrooms and has a fully equipped kitchen. We stayed in the cottage during our visit and it was ideal for us to enjoy the luxury of the guest house but to still have our own space with the Rugrats.

Alan is an accredited fly fishing guide and can take visitors into the surrounding area for fly fishing excursions. He has access to private dams and waters and will show you that there are more to the dry Karoo than fossil fish. Alan even has a fully stocked fly fishing shop set up in the old confessional in one of the vestries of the building. Unfortunately on the weekend we visited the Hobsons played host to a function in the St Francis and Alan was unable to show me the art of fly fishing. That will have to wait for my next visit and will be another story. A fishy one I hope.

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  1. leilani

    Fire absolutely beautiful! The FLOORS of the dwellings are magnificent!

  2. Marka

    Looks like a grand time! I really like what they've done with the place!

  3. Avril

    Oooh looks LOVELY !! Cosy in winter!! Amazing sunset!!

  4. This looks like a wonderful place Jonker. I have never tried fly-fishing either and it looks like fun but I do not eat fish. 🙂

  5. Steffi

    Wonderful place !The sunset looks great!

  6. Gaelyn

    What a very unique guest house. There are so many wonderful and individualistic places to stay in ZA. A great way to get away with the family.

  7. Marcelle

    Oh my what a beautiful double bed, looks inviting…the other bedroom reminds me of the Germans…close but not too close!!I found out my neighbors sleep in separate rooms next door, not even a Germany bed, a different room…I might as well be single then!!That last photo is breath taking amazing…that sky, too beautiful for words, so well captured.

  8. Gena D

    Sounds iidyllic – it all looks soo inviting!!!GEna

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