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A stroll around Art in the Park

Art in the Park

Art in the Park truly has been a part of Port Elizabeth’s being for much longer than I can even remember. 35 years ago I can remember my mom having a stall at Art in the Park and how we spent the whole day playing around St Georges Park and going through the stalls. The stalls stretched all the way from the entrance at the art museum past the pool to the first big trees and then down to the pay area and consisted just about exclusively of handmade items. But over the years the number of visitors deteriorated, people bought less hand made items and thus the number of stalls deteriorated. These days there are literally only a handful of hand-made item stalls, as many food stalls and the rest are made up of second-hand items and bric and brac stalls.

Art in the Park

Regardless of this, it’s still really nice going to Art in the Park on the first Sunday of the month to stroll between the stalls and look for a bargain or something you didn’t know you needed (or actually did need). This past Sunday (7 March 2021) was another beautiful sunny and mostly windless Sunday morning and a very good excuse for an outing to Art in the Park. It may not be anywhere it used to be, but long live Art in the Park.

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