A shell along the shore

Seven of us from work went for a walk along the Sacramento Trail just outside Port Elizabeth the other day.  We were lucky to choose the perfect day with the warm winter sun shining down on us.  I had two cameras hanging around my neck so I was clicking away all the way for both work and pleasure.  As usual my eyes were all over the show looking for stuff to photograph and I spotted the big orange and black shell from miles (ok, not miles but at least 50 meters or so) away.  I don’t think my colleagues even saw it but as soon as I got there I was down on my tummy trying to get the best shot.  By the time I was done the rest of the group was just about out of sight, but that is what getting THE photo about.

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  1. Gaelyn

    Excellent shot. Very worth laying down on the sand. They missed it.

  2. Janet

    What a lovely photograph! I'm off to KZN on Friday – wonder if I'll find such a beautiful shell on the shore?