Lighthouse shadow

Some people are fascinated by shadows and shadow photography.  I like reflections better, but for those shadow people out there, here is a pic of the Donkin Lighthouse’s shadow taken from the top of the lighthouse.

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  1. garf1108

    Makes one homesick. What camera are you using?CheersGordon

  2. Firefly

    Hi Gordon. If it makes you homesick you must be enjoying the blog. I use a Fujifilm FinePix S1800. Its a compact superzoom and not a SLR, but I can't complain about most photos. Its only when the light is bad, like indoors, when its not that good. One day when I have some extra money I'll get a SLR.

  3. Jo

    I like shadows and reflections. I love this shadow, Jonker.