Cannon Rocks’ wreck

During December we spent a week at Cannon Rocks on the Sunshine Coast in the Eastern Cape (about 120km east of my home town of Port Elizabeth). We stayed there the previous year as well and I just loved photographing the wreck of a fishing boat rusting away on the beach close to the resort where we stayed.

Last year the wreck looked like this (photo above) and some of the photos I took then can be seen here and here. As soon as we set up camp I jumped into the car and headed over to the wreck to go and say hi. I could barely believe my eyes. Below is what’s left of it. The ocean and the elements are truly taking its toll.

Just about all of the deck and upper deck area is gone. It also looks like the rough seas had moved the wreck slightly as it’s in water all the time now where it was on dry sand during low tide last time round. Because of this its now covered in moss and sea weed.

But although it looked very different from my last visit I still took quite a few pics of the wreck and will show them to you in the time to come.

GPS: 33°44’41.59″S, 26°33’39.99″E

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  1. Marcelle

    wow what amazing photo's..the green moss jumps out of the photo….lots of stories lying on that beach for sure.

  2. Janet

    I remember that wreck from last year. Good grief – what a change! Isn't is amazing how nature climbs in?

  3. Dot

    Wow! Can't imagine the sea can do that so quickly! Love the colors in the phots!

  4. Avril

    Wow – amazing!!! Just shows how powerful the sea is!! There will be nothing left next year!

  5. Steffe

    Wow, the rusty ship looks amazing.

  6. Gaelyn

    The change is truly amazing. Do you think someone took some of the metal? I suppose the ocean is a strong force to deal with. I really like the looks of this relic before and after. The greens are almost neon.

  7. I love all the shots – I am in awe of the massive change and the vibrant color – so lucky to be able to capture this … I am hoping to be in KZN in March and will plan well so that I can go vist all the lighthouses and shipwrecks along the coast … well, all, might be a longshot (that's me over ambitious – hehe!!), but at leat some!!!!Gena @ Thinking Aloud

  8. leilani

    Fire ! I love it! The Ocean takes no prisioners! She keeps this planet turning!

  9. Tami

    Great texture…especially love that bottom shot.