Animals at Seaview

I always say how fortunate we are in Port Elizabeth to have so many game reserves and game parks close to the city, but I say it because I really mean it.  For a quick game watching outing and for sheer number and variety of animals I prefer Kragga Kamma Game Park, but visiting Seaview Preditor Park the other day I did get this great scene with zebra, blesbuck and giraffe.

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  1. Roché Petersen

    Wha a scene! To think that this is the scene that would have greeted the first european travelers as they moved inland from the Cape – herds of game unaware of the dangers that lurks. I read once that one of tehse early travelers saw a herd of springbuck that took three days to pass by his camp!

  2. Firefly

    Roche, I've heard that one as well. Must have been wonderful to experience the number of game back in those days. Before man got involved.